Monday, April 4, 2011

Summer Garden

Over the weekend, we ordered loads of veggie plants.  The plants will be divided amongst 3 families.
On our growing list for this summer so far is:

Yellow Onions
Purple Onions
Green Onions

Beefsteak Tomatoes
Brandywine Tomatoes
Jelly Bean Hybrid Tomatoes
Roma Tomatoes

Red Sweet Peppers
Green Bell Peppers

Italian Roma Bush Beans (Or as my husband likes to call them "fat green beans")-(from seed).
Radishes (from seed)
Zucchini (from seed)
Brussels Sprouts (from seed)


We might do more herbs too.  I wanted to do the mini pumpkins to use for decor around my house in the fall, but they take up too much space :(

I cant wait for the plants to arrive and for the weather to get warmer so they will grow and I can start enjoying fresh veggies and start my canning!

I love to can.  I started last summer, and made a few recipes I loved and enjoyed.  These few recipes will be made again this summer, as well as new ones I have come across recently.

Canning is especially great for Christmas gifts.  Last year I made little food baskets (bought peach baskets for .25 each last summer!) and I filled them with baked goods and of course my canned items.

We may be adding more plants to the garden, we aren't sure yet.  I look forward to posting about the garden and my canning items for this summer!