Friday, September 25, 2009

Harry Connick, Jr.

Oh yes, that's right a huge pic of Harry Connick Jr. He's so gorgeous, and he sings pretty good too ;) I have seen him in concert, and wow so amazing!

I highly recommend you check out his music. Today only if you go to Oprah's website you can download a FREE song of his from the new cd. The song is a cover of Frank Sinatra's "All The Way" SWOON! Go check it out now!!!

Cork Board...finally!

I have had the supplies for this for over a month now and I finally got the last thing I needed: nail heads! I have been wanting a huge fabric covered cork board for ages...ever since I saw one in a house we considered buying but didnt. Oh well, I have my oversized cork board now!

Wood Board, any size you want
Roll of cork, found at Lowe's
Tape (I used painter's tape to tape the cork down on all corners to adhere to the board- after exhausting using many other options (super glue, hot glue, craft glue, double stick foam), this worked good enough!
Staples and Staple Gun
Fabric, any kind you want but I used an old painter's drop cloth that I wanted to try out for curtains but DH wasn't sold :(
Saw Tooth Hangers, bought at Lowe's
Nailhead Trim, bought on ebay
Nailheads, bought at Hancock Fabrics
Other things you will need: Nails, Scissors, Level, Ruler

Directions: Pretty simple, but time consuming.

1) Nail saw tooth hangers to back of the board
. (I used 2).

2) Roll out the cork (as many layers as you want-I used 3.) and lay out onto your board. Tape down all corners.

3) Cover board with fabric, pull fabric tight to smooth out wrinkles and staple back side all edges. Trim excess fabric.

4) Lay out nailhead trim to where you want it, add nailheads and hammer them tight-all four sides.

This is not the permanent place for the cork-board- it will go in the kitchen... whenever thats done! I just had to hang it up to see how it looked :)

Friday, September 18, 2009


So we stopped by Macy's today to get a few gifts, and as we approached the 2nd floor via the escalator Holiday Lane or whatever its called smacked us in the face...and behind me I heard a child like gasp then a squeal, "Christmas!!!!" LOL, it was H. He loooves everything Christmas, and so do I but I was truly shocked to already see the glitter and gorgeous ornaments and decor out. They know how to make us in the mood for the holidays, don't they. Because of Macy's I am starting on my dinner list right now :)

H really wanted to check out all of the stuff, but I didnt want to yet spoil that season this early, so I kept on moving to our destination to get our gifts. As I approached the Macy's customer service desk to check out, a young girl was playing with her phone and probably texting, ignoring us as we stood waiting to be checked out....Grrrr!

Young kids today really piss me off, they have no respect and care in this world. She acted like we were bothering HER by making a $140 purchase on 2 goodness it was so hard to scan those two items and btw she almost forgot my request for a gift receipt-oh the horror! (Sense my sarcasm). I hope at least Martha Stewart and Macy's appreciates our purchase, because the sales associate that has a job didn't.
Oh yeah, the holiday season now under 100 days away. And yes, I still believe.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Im on a roll!

Remember this wall basket I have been lusting over? Well, It's finally on sale at Urban Outfitters...but still too rich for my blood at $29.99. Im crossing my fingers it goes cheaper!

Sooo busy!

Ok, obviously I have been really busy-I havent posted since August :(
As for my "on deck" list...I have the supplies for the felted acorns and almost
everything to do my new cork board. I plan
to finish these up by next week.
The other projects....hmmm not much time right now.

Switching gears...The Office starts back up tonight- YAY!!! I started up on the Office just recently and am completely caught up. I am in love with me he is the perfect guy in every way. Shhhh, don't tell H. ;)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

On deck!

It's been a while since I have posted...I have been busy. We have started back up on the kitchen remodel and I have a big list of "craft projects" that I hope to complete in the upcoming weeks/month. Here's what I have on deck (most are ideas, some are definite):

Refinish buffet/filing cabinet
Cork Board
Felted Acorns
Painting MBR and finding bedding
Refinish some furniture for someone
Paint front door
NYC subway rollsign art
Make our Christmas cards

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Weekly Menu and a Review

I Love Sloppy Joe's!

I know, it's Thursday but Im back from vacation and went to the grocery yesterday. So, Im going to post all of my meals for the next week or so.

But first Im going to tell you about my favorite (and H's) meal. It's sloppy Joe's. It's so good, easy and cheap to make :) Now, I dont buy that Manwich, to me it doesn't have a good flavor and it's much more expensive than what I buy! I buy Del Monte Sloppy Joe sauce. It has a pop top can, claims to be better than manwich- and it is! This is a very satisfying and yummy meal. If you want to sneak some more veggies in, you can add chopped bell peppers (my fave) or shredded carrots or zucchini. Now, let me break down the price for you, for this meal:

Lean ground beef, 1lb: $3.86
Package of whole wheat HFCS free hamburger buns: $2.42
Frozen potato wedges (in the deep freeze at home, I buy in bulk at Sam's)
Frozen steamfresh veggies: (also in the deep freeze, but you can buy them at $1 each).
1 Can Del Monte Sloppy Joe Sauce (it was in my pantry, but about $1 at Walmart)
Grand total for this meal (which serves as dinner and lunch the next day):

$6.28 is what I spent for this meal at the grocery.
It roughly cost me $9 total to include the items I already had at home. $9?!!! And that's for 2 meals for H & I :)

Here's what's on the menu at our house for the next week or so:

Sloppy Joe's, baked potato wedges, corn & green beans
Crock-pot Salsa Chicken over rice
Taco Salads
Hawaiian Chicken, rice, grilled veggies
Greek Turkey burgers, spinach salad
Pulled pork sandwiches, sweet potato fries
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salads
Cheeseburgers, baked potato wedges, baked beans
Southwest Chicken Soup
BBQ grilled Chicken, sweet potato fries, green beans

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Back To Reality

So, Im back from Vegas. It was a great trip! We saw so much, ate a lot, and sunbathed :) The heat was the only thing I didn't like. However, we were able to catch a show while we were there.
We found one of the half price ticket booths and got tickets to see Human Nature, produced by Smokey Robinson. For only $30 a piece, it was an excellent deal!!! The theater was small and intimate (sat at tables and had cocktails during the show!). If you are in Vegas, and love Motown music and throwback style with in-synch dancing- this show will not disappoint! They were amazing :)

Oh yeah, and in reference to my last post- a tiger really escaped while we were there! LOL, he was found and not hurt so all is good :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

"...what happens in Vegas..."

"...stays in Vegas...except for herpes. That shit'll come back with you"

So, Im finally going on Vacation, Sin City!!! While I am gone, I will be eating and doing whatever I want. When I come back, it will be a serious buckle down and lifestyle change to get healthy! So, when I get back I will be posting about healthy meal plans, and recipes H and I enjoy :)

While we are on the topic of Sin City...I want to review a
movie I have seen twice, yes twice in the last week! The Hangover. Seriously, love this movie! H & I haven't seen a funny movie like this in a long time, H said it will definitely be a keeper (meaning we will snatch it up on DVD as soon as it comes out!). I love every single one of the characters in this film and how they interact-brilliance! It doesn't hurt that Ed Helms from The Office is in the movie (I have a *slight* obsession with The Office, haha).

Im trying to talk H into dressing up as Jade and Stu for Halloween...that is if I lose the weight by then!
By the way, there will be a sequel!!!
Now get off the computer and see this film, you wont be disappointed.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Found it for less :)

So the newest Pottery Barn craze in iron wall sconces is the Circles wall mount votive holder
But for over $100 wow!!! After a quick search, Target has something similar! It's called the Circles and Waves Candleholder Wall Sconce and for $17.95- can't beat it! It's not perfect, but you could buy a few to get the larger feel and spray paint them black. Happy shopping!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

On the hunt...

Obviously the CBS show How I Met Your Mother is a great show! H & I have been loyal fans from the beginning. But, everytime I watch and see the metal basket hanging from Ted's door I keep thinking to myself, "Where can I get one...or two of those?!"

See the basket right behind Ted, on the do
or- Ohh yeahh!!

Well, look no further if you want one. Urban Outfitters is selling one similar to Ted's.
Seen here:

But, it's still not quite what I want, and especially not at that price.
What can I say, I'm cheap!
So, if you know where I can get one similar to Ted's
and for a reasonable price, please let me know!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

An update...

So, after using the oven all day and leaving it in all night, I went to check to see how the fruit roll-ups turned out. They looked just like Darby's....but when I tried to roll them up the middle of the pan was mushy and only the outer edges were hardened enough for the fruit roll up consistency :(

I do think the flub was my fault- I probably had too much on the pan (if you make them, make sure you spread it thin enough!) I will say though, the edges of the fruit-roll ups turned out perfectly and VERY yummy!!! H even loved it. I made a peach (added a handful of grapes), triple berry (blackberry, raspberry & blueberry) and strawberry (didnt turn out). I didn't add any sugar to these and the flavor of the peach and triple berry were awesome, yum!

I will definitely use this recipe again, just make sure I spread it thin enough or as my mom said, "Put a food dehydrator on your Christmas list this year!" Haha, yeah I think I will!

Do you have a food Hydrator that you love? Recommend yours please :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Pioneer Woman

I love The Pioneer Woman's site- mostly for her cooking recipes! Tonight, I made the Sundried Tomato Pasta Salad. OMG YUuuummmmm!!! I didnt add the olives because H hates them and no halved cherry tomatoes. This was delish, paired with some grilled chicken, I suggest you try it out, it's so easy and yummy!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

My fear

Sometimes, I get this feeling that if something were to happen to me or H Im afraid he won't know how much I love him. Im afraid we won't get the chance to have children, grow old together and have that beach house we dream about.
We have already been together for 10 years...and been through so many things-too many things so soon in our young lives together. Because of those things, it makes you think about how precious and short life can be, and we can't control it-and that's what scares me the most...
I tell H I love him all day, but sometimes I feel like it isn't enough.

Monday, July 6, 2009


So I have a bad, addicting habit. I save and collect tons of pictures of decor, crafts, art, etc of anything that catches my eye :) The bad part? I forget where I find them, so I cant give credit (if you see a picture that is yours and want me to credit you or remove it, just let me know!) So, here is a big mixed jumble of beautiful pictures to enjoy!

Love the ledge in this kitchen for frames.

Cute desk nook! Our new kitchen cabinets will be close to this color.

I drool over this picture every time I see it...too bad H loathes the color green :(

I like the layout here..

A dream bathroom!

In love with the exterior of this home...

These crates are stacked to give the look of a bookcase, great idea for those antique mall finds!

Oh to have a glamourous mudroom to look like this!

Hope you enjoyed the eye candy!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

To Do List

So, Im going to start making to do lists on here of projects, crafts, etc so I can keep track of them (even though we are in the middle of a kitchen reno haha) all in one place :)

Refinishing some MBR furniture
Painting our front door...again but in a different color!
B&W city painting project
Throw pillows
Learn how to quilt
Re-decorate our MBR

Weekly Menu

I just bought a ton of chicken on sale at Sam's club, so chicken is what we will mostly be having this week...

Pulled Pork Sandwiches, cole slaw, pasta salad

Monday: Crock-pot salsa chicken (this will be our 1st time trying this dish, hope it's yummy!)

Tuesday: Chicken Cordon Bleu (Laughing cow chicken) with waffle fries and green beans

Wednesday: Grilled Steak

Thursday: Spaghetti & Meatballs

Friday: Grilled Hawaiian Chicken and veggies

Saturday: Pizza and Salad

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Dishwasher!

Yeah, this was our kitchen...and now it is down to the studs- no more ugly bathroom tile, no more blue cabinets and that original to the home.....first model available dishwasher- it's at the street right now because we got a new one!!!  Seriously that dishwasher still works (it's KitchenAid), but it is ancient-I mean it was brown and had push buttons!

So, tonight H and I picked out our new dishwasher for our soon (crossing fingers) to be completed kitchen.  Unfortunately, while at Lowe's a few days ago they had more models available and when we went in today a bunch were gone-so less to choose from.  It took me a while to decide, but ultimately, I wanted one with deep drawers, adjustable racks and a large utensil bin.  This baby was right on- expensive yes, but this is the only appliance we will be buying (the rest of the appliances that came with the house are white).  And yeah, we got a KitchenAid, because you should go with what you know right?!

Oh yeah, and we didn't pay that the store it was $698, and we snagged one of those 10% off movers coupons (shhh, don't tell!).  So, one step closer to completing the remodel, yay!

Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodel is in progress in our home right are some pictures of kitchens I love :)

Love this floor and the dog is cute too!

I looove the floor tiles here...anyone know where I can get this size?  I checked out Lowes with no luck...are they special order?

Monday, June 29, 2009

Housekeeping!!! Fluff pillow?

Ahhh, dont these freshly folded sheets look great?!  
I hate folding fitted sheets, they always give me such trouble.  Here's a tutorial on how to fold those pesky fitted sheets.  Hopefully it helps you :)
It's late tonight, Im about to hit the sheets (not feeling well).  Night!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekly Menu

I try to do a weekly menu whenever I go to the grocery and have a list in hand.  We like going to Walmart because we get a lot for our buck there (70 items for under $100 is not bad in my book)!  So, I present my menu for this week:

Sunday:  Grilled Chicken Salads

Monday:  Greek Turkey Burgers & Pasta Salad  (recipe to come...)

Tuesday:  Root Beer Pulled Pork Sandwiches & Coleslaw with Waffle Fries

Wednesday:  Southwest Chicken Soup (found this recipe on my favorite blog!  I do change it up a little-add chopped bell peppers and sub grilled shredded chicken for rotisserie and top it with cheese, sour cream, chopped cilantro and the yummy tortilla strips!!!!)

Thursday:  Grilled Steak & Salad

Friday:  Taco Salads/Nachos (using leftover pulled pork)

Saturday:  Cookout- HAPPY 4th OF JULY!!!  

Thursday, June 25, 2009

July 4th & Apple Pie

4th of July is just around the corner.  What's more american than cookouts and apple pie?!  I have to confess something...I have never liked apple pie until I found this recipe.  This apple pie recipe is amazing, its like eating a caramel apple wrapped in a flaky crust (and by flaky crust I mean cheating and using the pillsbury pie crust ;).  I think this will be on my menu for 4th of July for sure, and the best part, its sooooo easy to make!!!

(Pic from site)

Here's the recipe:  Apple Pie

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This organization has touched me because of the amazing work they do for others.  Honor Flight is a organization that gives World War II veterans the opportunity cost free to them to see their memorial.  

To me, it's pretty ridiculous it took so long for our greatest generation of heroes to finally get a memorial.  President Bush made it happen and in 2004, the memorial was completed.  Most WWII veterans are gone now and 1,000 more die each day.  

I made a donation in honor of my grandfather and hope you will make a donation in honor of a loved one or donate simply to a great cause.  Please make a donation today:  HONOR FLIGHT

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Beach

It is my dream one day for H & I to own a beach home to spend our summers with family.  Will it happen?  Who knows!  
While dreaming, and searching beautiful beaches I came across this beach home that is listed for sale, for the low low price of 3.9 mil.  Um, yeah........
So, here are the gorgeous pictures of this home, not only are the views to die for, but the interiors are soooo dreamy!

Seriously, who wouldn't want this home?!  If you are interested in purchasing it or checking it our for more details, here's the link:  Beach Home

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Proposal

No, this is not a movie review (although I do really want to see it!!)  This post is about H & I.

Today is the day H proposed to me 3 years ago!  Wow time flies by.  H took me on a tour of our local ballpark (private!) and at the end of the tour, we got to go into the home team's dugout!!!

As we were in the dugout checking it out, I started to walk away and H told me not to go yet to turn around.  I found he was on one knee with a box in his hand!!!!  It was the most perfect moment that he had planned for us.  The funny thing is, the first words out of my mouth after H asked me to marry him were, "Did you ask my Dad?"  Haha, yes I'm a Daddy's girl :)  And, yes H did ask, like 2 months in advance.  Wow, I don't know how my family kept this a secret.

My favorite picture from that day- I love the look on H's face as he is on one knee.  Oh yeah, and look how nicely dressed he is 
compared to me and my capris and flip flops!  I should have known something was going on, b/c it was hot out!!! 

This moment in my life was so amazing and such a rush, immediately after he proposed we went to our favorite local BBQ place, where H had all of our families waiting for us to celebrate over dinner.  He is amazing :)
We got to this BBQ place that is famous in our hometown for all celebrations because simply it is sooo good!  You should definitely check it out if you are here!  Looks like they are doing a ribsfest starting July 6th.  Oh, and I love this location best:  Montgomery Inn

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cookies :)

Finished baskets, and my beautiful peonies from my yard :)

I recently had an order from a family member asking me
 to do the favors for a baby shower they were hosting.  I was so excited-my 1st job!!!  I made sugar cookies on a stick :)  This was so much work, but well worth the outcome.

A closeup of the baby shower cookies.

I did onesies, baby carriages, bottles and pacifiers.
I heard they were a hit!  I take orders :)