Monday, July 6, 2009


So I have a bad, addicting habit. I save and collect tons of pictures of decor, crafts, art, etc of anything that catches my eye :) The bad part? I forget where I find them, so I cant give credit (if you see a picture that is yours and want me to credit you or remove it, just let me know!) So, here is a big mixed jumble of beautiful pictures to enjoy!

Love the ledge in this kitchen for frames.

Cute desk nook! Our new kitchen cabinets will be close to this color.

I drool over this picture every time I see it...too bad H loathes the color green :(

I like the layout here..

A dream bathroom!

In love with the exterior of this home...

These crates are stacked to give the look of a bookcase, great idea for those antique mall finds!

Oh to have a glamourous mudroom to look like this!

Hope you enjoyed the eye candy!!!

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