Wednesday, July 15, 2009

An update...

So, after using the oven all day and leaving it in all night, I went to check to see how the fruit roll-ups turned out. They looked just like Darby's....but when I tried to roll them up the middle of the pan was mushy and only the outer edges were hardened enough for the fruit roll up consistency :(

I do think the flub was my fault- I probably had too much on the pan (if you make them, make sure you spread it thin enough!) I will say though, the edges of the fruit-roll ups turned out perfectly and VERY yummy!!! H even loved it. I made a peach (added a handful of grapes), triple berry (blackberry, raspberry & blueberry) and strawberry (didnt turn out). I didn't add any sugar to these and the flavor of the peach and triple berry were awesome, yum!

I will definitely use this recipe again, just make sure I spread it thin enough or as my mom said, "Put a food dehydrator on your Christmas list this year!" Haha, yeah I think I will!

Do you have a food Hydrator that you love? Recommend yours please :)

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