Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Back To Reality

So, Im back from Vegas. It was a great trip! We saw so much, ate a lot, and sunbathed :) The heat was the only thing I didn't like. However, we were able to catch a show while we were there.
We found one of the half price ticket booths and got tickets to see Human Nature, produced by Smokey Robinson. For only $30 a piece, it was an excellent deal!!! The theater was small and intimate (sat at tables and had cocktails during the show!). If you are in Vegas, and love Motown music and throwback style with in-synch dancing- this show will not disappoint! They were amazing :)

Oh yeah, and in reference to my last post- a tiger really escaped while we were there! LOL, he was found and not hurt so all is good :)

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