Friday, September 25, 2009

Cork Board...finally!

I have had the supplies for this for over a month now and I finally got the last thing I needed: nail heads! I have been wanting a huge fabric covered cork board for ages...ever since I saw one in a house we considered buying but didnt. Oh well, I have my oversized cork board now!

Wood Board, any size you want
Roll of cork, found at Lowe's
Tape (I used painter's tape to tape the cork down on all corners to adhere to the board- after exhausting using many other options (super glue, hot glue, craft glue, double stick foam), this worked good enough!
Staples and Staple Gun
Fabric, any kind you want but I used an old painter's drop cloth that I wanted to try out for curtains but DH wasn't sold :(
Saw Tooth Hangers, bought at Lowe's
Nailhead Trim, bought on ebay
Nailheads, bought at Hancock Fabrics
Other things you will need: Nails, Scissors, Level, Ruler

Directions: Pretty simple, but time consuming.

1) Nail saw tooth hangers to back of the board
. (I used 2).

2) Roll out the cork (as many layers as you want-I used 3.) and lay out onto your board. Tape down all corners.

3) Cover board with fabric, pull fabric tight to smooth out wrinkles and staple back side all edges. Trim excess fabric.

4) Lay out nailhead trim to where you want it, add nailheads and hammer them tight-all four sides.

This is not the permanent place for the cork-board- it will go in the kitchen... whenever thats done! I just had to hang it up to see how it looked :)

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