Friday, September 18, 2009


So we stopped by Macy's today to get a few gifts, and as we approached the 2nd floor via the escalator Holiday Lane or whatever its called smacked us in the face...and behind me I heard a child like gasp then a squeal, "Christmas!!!!" LOL, it was H. He loooves everything Christmas, and so do I but I was truly shocked to already see the glitter and gorgeous ornaments and decor out. They know how to make us in the mood for the holidays, don't they. Because of Macy's I am starting on my dinner list right now :)

H really wanted to check out all of the stuff, but I didnt want to yet spoil that season this early, so I kept on moving to our destination to get our gifts. As I approached the Macy's customer service desk to check out, a young girl was playing with her phone and probably texting, ignoring us as we stood waiting to be checked out....Grrrr!

Young kids today really piss me off, they have no respect and care in this world. She acted like we were bothering HER by making a $140 purchase on 2 goodness it was so hard to scan those two items and btw she almost forgot my request for a gift receipt-oh the horror! (Sense my sarcasm). I hope at least Martha Stewart and Macy's appreciates our purchase, because the sales associate that has a job didn't.
Oh yeah, the holiday season now under 100 days away. And yes, I still believe.

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