Monday, June 6, 2011

Garden pics, finally!

I think the rain is finally done drowning us here...we had April and May filled with rain practically every day and hit some records being the wettest ever.  So with all that rain over, we finally planted our family garden!  

Watering the tomatoes:

As you can see, our first step was planting all of those tomato plants.  They look so little!
At the end of the garden, we still needed to till up the soil and let it dry out some, because it was way too wet from all the rain.  Jalapenos, Pumpkins, Watermelon and beans are planted in that area now.

Garden currently:

The pics might be a little dark, I took them this weekend.  The garden is almost complete from planting, Im still waiting on my beans to get a little larger to transplant them, then it will be finished!

Below are 4 brussels sprouts plants I started from seed.  Still quite small:

And, there are 8 zucchini plants here I also started from seed:

Look how much the tomato plants have grown (in the middle left in the pic), and to the right are all pepper plants.

We have gotten a couple strawberries, but hopefully will get more and more as the years go on (and we continue to add more of them to the garden).

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