Saturday, July 9, 2011


My granny at the local store.

My great grandmother grew sage in her yard and would pick and dry then save a bunch for my Mom to come and get to use for our Thanksgiving dressing.  All I know is she would dry it on newspapers in her attic.  When she passed away, our Thanksgiving dressing never tasted the same.

Fast forward to today when I went to the garden to pick TONS of sage to dry myself and save for Thanksgiving.  I sat on a stool picking the larger leaves off each large bush.  I ended up with a small pail full and decided I would try to make the rubbed sage two different ways to find out which way was the best.

The first batch, I grouped together about 24 sage leaves and using a rubber band I wrapped each bunch by the stem end.  You should hang each bunch in an area with no direct sunlight and with adequate ventilation. I chose the area above my kitchen sink.

I took some twine and clothes pins to hang each bunch.  Look, decor!

Like I mentioned above, the second method I used was drying the sage leaves on a newspaper in a single layer.  Since I dont go to our attic, I place the newspapers and sage on top of our bookcases.

When the sage is dried out, I will continue on the next step (rubbed sage!) and post about that in the future.

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