Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hey UPS man!

I wait for you every afternoon, hoping to find that you have left me an important package.  
Im anxiously awaiting the last of my 30th birthday gift.  

On my 30th birthday, Hubby took me to Tiffany's to get a few of my bracelets lengthened and polished.  They had to send them to NYC to do so, and the kind man who worked there didn't charge us anything, not even shipping!  Service at Tiffany&Co. rocks!  Hubby was thrilled, and since we didn't have to pay for that...he told me to pick out a new charm for my charm bracelet.  Squeeeeee!!!!!

It turned out that I picked the charm they didn't have in stock at the store!  So, they had to ship it to me from the NYC location.  I got it today in the mail :)  Here she is, I picked her out to represent my 30th. And, well I LOVE cupcakes.

Now, I can't wait to get my charm bracelet back and sparkly and the perfect length for my now "adult" (aka fat) wrist so I can wear my new charm!  

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