Friday, March 25, 2011

My 30th

I turned 30 this week.  I have to be scared the crap out of me!  For various reasons, it freaked me out to know Im no longer in my 20's.  A decade that shaped who I am, and what my life is.  This life has had many ups and downs, and growing older is a scary one for me.  I was afraid of what I might miss out on, afraid of what I haven't had the chance to accomplish yet.  

Turning 30 has come and gone, and I feel the same...and even feel like Im still in my early 20's.  So, to anyone who is turning 30 or 40 or 50, etc....age is just a number!

I had decided I wanted to make my own birthday cake this year.  I found an amazing chocolate cake recipe and frosted it with buttercream and topped it off with black and pink fondant in a zebra design.  I loved how it turned out!

By the way...Im totally over the age thing ;)

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