Monday, March 28, 2011

The search.

I have been searching for a specific piece of furniture for the last 3 years, maybe even my whole life.  
I have always loved sideboards.  It's obvious to me where and when my love of them my Grandparent's dining room.  They had a huge, gorgeous sideboard that they covered the top with framed family photos.  I always loved when they would switch out photos to update to current ones of grandchildren, and kept older ones of their own children.  I always wanted to do this in my own home when I got older, and would have loved to have had their sideboard in my home.  But, alas that didn't happen.

Fast forward to about 3 years ago.  While at a local antique mall one afternoon, I saw a GORGEOUS antique oak sideboard.  It had a mirror with ledge, leaded glass doors on each end, and lots of drawers for storage.  I was instantly sold...but it was just that- SOLD.  I was so heartbroken, and a little mad they teased me with such a gorgeous piece of furniture by leaving it out in the open for all to drool over.  Since then, I have been searching for something just like it.

Below are some photos I have found through google of sideboards: